Simone Bossi is a photographer with an architectural background based in Paris and Milan. He studied Architecture in Milan and Seville and after five years working as an architect between Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to photography. As a self-taught photographer, he constantly works on personal projects in addition to his commissions, on both film and digital format. Trough his indeterminate fragmented images, he tries to reveal the feelings and the atmospheres of the space, as a result of an introspective intimate process.
His work is regularly published on the main architecture websites and magazines and he travels and works for architects and editors across all over the world.

2020 Solo Exhibition / Science Museum / London / UK
2019 Solo Exhibition / Divario Gallery / Rome / IT
2018 Collective Exhibition / Galerie d'architecture / Paris / FR

2020 / Aucoot / Apalmanac
2019 / Tree Mag / Archdaily
2018 / Kontextur / Dezeen / Anniversary
2017 / Archinect